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Spanish club C.D.S. Huelva departs for Deaf Champions League in Graz

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C.D.S. Huelva players at the Madrid airport this morning. Image credit: C.D.S. Huelva

Earlier today, the Spanish deaf futsal club C.D.S. Huelva departed for Deaf Champions League in Graz, Austria that is scheduled to get underway tomorrow.  The team is seeking to defend their title in Graz.



The team spent the weekend in training at Getafe-Centro in preparation for the competition. They did a number of passing and shooting drills, along with working on conditioning.


For the competition, all games are scheduled to consist of two twenty minute halves, with a five minute break during the half. The draws for groups will be made for both men and women are scheduled to take place later today. Men’s teams scheduled to participate include  G.S.Z. Graz, C.S.S. Reims, A.S. Porto, Zebre Charleroi, G.T.S.V. Essen, D.G.N. Maribor, C.S.S.T. Craiova, M.K.S.N. Maz. Warszawa, C.D.S. Huelva, S.K.K. Vitkovice, A.S.L.S. Nancy, A.S.D. Sordi Guidonia, Trondheim D.I.L., G.S.Z. Linz, G.S.V. Karlsruhe, Debreceni S.F.S.K. , Lions M.S. Haifa, S.K. Lundia, St. John´S D.F.C., Glasgow Deaf Ath F.C., Ulduz F.K. Baku, Globen Sport, G.S.V. Zürich, and A.S.K.P.N. Peiraias. Women’s teams scheduled to participate include St. John’S  D.F.C., S.S.S. Milano ,  Moscow Region , I.K. Hephata Stockholm, S.S.C. Budapest, Trondheim D.I.L.,  C.S.S.M. Paris, P.K.S.N. Ton Poznan,  G.S.V. Aachen,  C.D.S. Sevilla,  Kölner G.S.V., and Youth Of Moscow.

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  1. Hello.
    Nice meet to you!
    My name is Namik Cho and I am from South Korea of the deaf.
    I love Spanish Cutlure Flemance dance. I will visit Spain this year or Next year.
    I want application Spanish Deaf Club.
    Thank you very so much!

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