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Susana Rodríguez retains top international PT5 para-triathlon ranking

Susana Rodríguez with her medals. Image credit: Susana Rodríguez.

On Sunday, the ITU updated its global rankings for most para-triathlon classifications.  Spaniard Susana Rodríguez retained her

Susana Rodríguez with her medals.  Image credit: Susana Rodríguez.

Susana Rodríguez with her medals. Image credit: Susana Rodríguez.


number one ranking in the women’s PT5 classification. Rodríguez  is the reigning world champion.

Great Britain’s Chris Goodwin jumped five positions to top the rankings in the men’s PT5 classification.  Great Britain’s Jane Egan also also retained her top spot in the PT1 class. Great Britain’s Lauren Steadman stayed at the top of the PT4 class.

Overall, there were few changes in the women’s PT5 classification, with no changes in the top five and the twelfth spot.  Hungarian Zsofia Lengyel had the biggest jump, moving up three spots to sixth.  In doing so, she bumped Australian Cassey Hyde, Japanese Atsuko Yamada and Canadian Christine Robbins down a spot each.

In the women’s PT1, with only eight ranked competitor, the only movement was with Italian Rita  Cuccuru, who gained two spots to be ranked third.  She pushed the United States’s Diana Helt and Great Britain Karen Darke down one spot each.

The only change in the women’s PT4 class involved Italy’s Irene Riviera going up one and Great Britain’s Clare Cunningham going down one.

On the men’s PT5 ranking side, there was a lot of movement except at the bottom with no changes in positions 21 to 27. Slovene Alen  Kobilica moved up five spots to the fifth spot. Ukrainian Vasyl  Zakrevskyi moved up six spots to be ranked sixth.  French competitor Arnaud Grandjean moved up seven spots to be ranked twelfth.  Italian Maurizio Romeo also moved up seven spots to finish in the thirteenth spot.

PT1 classified competitors are wheelchair users.  PT2, PT3 and PT4 classified competitors have limb deficiencies or amputations, and do not compete with a wheelchair.  They may use a prosthesis in the running and cycling parts. Their functional disabilities fall along a gradient, and their class changes depending on the evidence of their disability. PT5 classified competitors are visually impaired and compete with guides.


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