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Talking the lingo in Rio: Chatting with your new Tibetan speaking friends about martial arts

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This article is a series of language learning posts by ParaSport News.  The goal is to provide sport fans some very basic sport and Paralympic vocabulary so you can talk with the world about disability sport at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio.


Realistically, your chances of going to Rio and running across native Tibetan speakers seem low, but you never know. China has led the medal count at the past three Summer Paralympic Games.  In London, they had an impressive medal haul of 231, with 95 golds among them.  Tibetan only has around 2 million native speakers though, found mostly in China, Nepal and India.  And yeah, these word lists are more about reading than speaking, but a little language learning never hurt anyone.


Sport specific words:

  • བྱ་སྒྲོ་སྤོ་ལོ། – Badminton
  • དྲ་ཕས་སྤོ་ལོ། – Basketball
  • རི་འཛེག་ལུས་རྩལ། – Climbing
  • འབྲུག་གྲུ། – Dragon boat
  • གྲི་རྩེད། – Fencing
  • གདུགས་མཆོང་ལུས་རྩེད། – Parachuting
  • མཆོངས་རྒྱུག – Parkour
  • རྐང་རྩེད་སྤོ་ལོ། – Soccer
  • ལུས་རྩལ། – Sport
  • ལུས་རྩལ་སྐོར། – Sports
  • རྫོང་གྲུག – Squash
  • ཕིན་ཕང་སྤོ་ལོ། – Table tennis
  • ཏན་ནེ་སི་སྤོ་ལོ། – Tennis
  • ཐག་འགྲོས། – Tightrope walking
  • ཕའི་ཆིའུ་སྤོ་ལོ། – Volleyball


Martial arts and combat sport specific words:

  • འབོལ་འཇུ། – Judo
  • ཐའེ་ཅི་ཆོན། – Tai chi
  • དྲག་རྩལ། – Wushu
  • སྦེ་ག – Wrestling
  • ཧྲའོ་ལིན་དྲག་རྩལ། – Shaolin Kung Fu
  • དྲག་རྩལ། – Chinese martial arts
  • སུ་མོ་སྦེ་ག – Sumo
  • སུམ་སྦྲེལ་སྐོར་དབྱུག – Three-section staff



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