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Uncertain future may loom ahead for Yemen Paralympic Committee

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In an editorial published on Sunday on, Fouad Qassem Barti (فؤاد قاسم البرطي) asserts that an uncertain and gloomy future lays ahead for the Yemen Paralympic Committee.  According to Barti, the organization has been unable to effectively govern, with leadership asleep at the helm.  Making matters worse Barti asserts, the Yemen Paralympic Committee had been allocated no money in the government’s 2015 budget, with no reason provided for this decision and admission that it has all but been abandoned.  Barti goes on to claim that this abandonment that means even those sportspeople who want to compete internationally are unable to do so because of these problems, and names a specific athlete who has run into problems trying to represent the country in regional competitions. He sees no fixes unless the media investigates the situation.




The Paralympic Committee of Yemen was created in in 2012 as a result of Ministerial Decree No. 128. Moammar M. Al-Eryani of the Yemen’s Minstry of Youth and Sports was one of the major drivers in the organization’s creation, along with the former Deputy Minister in the Department of Social Affairs  Razaq Ali Hamad.  In its early days, there were plans to take advantage of the more developed NPCs in the region to assist people with disabilities in competing on the national, regional and international level.  Their first major accomplishment was in getting regional and international recognition.  Organizationally, it stands above deaf, physical disability, intellectual disability sport organizations and Special Olympics inside the country.


In the country’s history, Yemen has only sent representatives to one Paralympic Games.  This was the 1992 Summer Paralympics in Barcelona, Spain.  Yemen was represented by three athletes, A.M. Al-Hamdany, Said Al-Huribi and Shaif Al-Kawlany, who respectively competed in athletics, swimming and table tennis.



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