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USADB National Basketball Tournament gets underway

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The USADB National Basketball Tournament got underway last night with a number of games already having finished in Oakland, California. The first match on the men’s side saw Showstoppers beat Eastern Canada 105 – 57, after having a 55 – 29 half time lead.



The second game had The City having a 48 – 22 halftime lead over Oregon. The City built on their lead to win 106 – 61. The team advanced to the second round where they are scheduled to meet the Showstoppers. Trace Martin led his team in scoring with 40 points, while Oregon’s Nathan Templin put up 21 points for his team in their loss.


The third game saw SacTown play fifth seeded Faribault. Faribault had 49 – 40 half time lead. The close time score was not reflected in the final score, as Faribault put away SacTown in the second half for a 85 -59 finish. Faribault advanced to the second round where they will meet top seeded Indy Hawks.


Seattle played Star City in the competition’s fourth game. Seattle carried a 51 – 34 lead into the half. The team from Washignton maintained their lead and the game finished 75 – 53. Seattle’s victory set them up for a second round match against second seeded D.M.V. Diplomats. In the fifth match, third seeded Calizona took on Freemont. Calizona dominated, with a 52 – 13 half time lead. The final score was 90 – 43, setting up to Calizona play the Chicago Rebels in the second round.
The Chicago Rebels met CA Ballerz in the sixth match. The Rebels and Ballerz kept it close witha 28 – 25 half time score. Chicago managed to break away, with a score of 57 – 45 with four minutes left in the game to ultimately win 64 – 52. The win meant Chicago met Calizona in the second round.


In the seventh match of the competition, Eastern Canada played Oregon in the consolidation bracket. The game was close, finishing 60 – 57 in Oregon’s favor. The game set up Oregon to play SacTown later today. The eighth match was the quarterfinal game between Maryland’s Showstoppers and California’s The City. In the ninth match and quarterfinals, top seeded Indy Hawks took on fifth seeded Faribault. The Hawks took a 35 – 10 lead into the half. With a final score of 68 – 49, the Hawks qualified through, setting up a semifinal meeting with the Showstoppers later today.


In other quarterfinal play, second seeded D.M.V. Diplomats played Seattle. The men’s competition’s tenth match had a half time score of 44 – 22. The game ended 93 – 66 in favor of the diplomats. In the competition’s eleventh match, Fremont took on the CA Ballerz. The Ballerz had an impressive halftime lead of 44 – 16. The Ballerz domination continued in the second half for a final score of 85 – 45. The Ballerz won their game 79 – 49, setting up a losing bracket match with Star City later today.


Calizona took on the Chicago Rebels in the competition’s twelfth match. With 4:16 left in the second half, Calizona had a 31 – 22 lead against Chicago. The first half ended 46 – 29. With 4:35 left in the second half, Calizona still had a big led, leading 79 – 49. Calizona went on to finish 84 – 54, setting up the third seed to meet second seeded D.M.V. Diplomats later today.


The women’s competition opened with the fourth seeded Chicago Lady Panthers taking on Washington’s Vancouver Reds. The game was a low scoring affair, with a half time score of 25 – 6. Chicago put up a huge number of points in the second half while completely shutting down Vancouver on the offensive end for a final score of 72 – 16.


USADB National Basketball Tournament is in its 71st edition for the men’s competition and the 25th edition for the women’s competition, which is formally named the Annual Art Kruger & Thomas Elliot Memorial.  The competition wraps up Sunday.

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